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The Job Developer Committee is a sub-committee under Pan Disability Connection. It brings together multiple Edmonton-based organizations in the field of supported employment. The Job Developers work with various marginalized populations to help find employment with the end goal of creating belonging and meaning in people’s lives as well as supporting and educating employers. The Job Developer Committee strives to collaborate in the interest of finding more effective ways to innovate and break down systematic barriers.


Job Matching


Job matching is critical to successfully retaining employment. By properly matching a job with a person, one can expect greater productivity and higher morale, and more engagement in the workplace culture. There are many factors within job matching. The main factors are physical and geographical fit, social environment, and finding a job within the person’s interests.

Job Carving


When you discover what the person is truly passionate about you can begin to carve a job. Within Job Development this is an important step, where applicable, to ensuring success. Some job seekers may not require this; however, some may need jobs carved. As a Job Developer, you will want to always emphasize the person’s abilities before accommodations.

Job Searching


In your role as a Job Developer, it’s important to ensure you know the person, their skills, passions, location, job preferences, and accommodations, etc. before searching. Find a system/tools that work for you to help keep this in mind. Search for employment opportunities based on the person’s interests. Search based on their merits and credentials. 

Download our Job Developer Best Practices documentation and learn more about the job developer process, inclusive employment, building relationships with employers and more!


As a Job Developer, it is integral to the role that you build meaningful relationships with employers. Your network can become one of your biggest strengths.

1. Networking is extremely important to build your contacts and solidify existing relationships.
2. Identify inclusive hiring champions within your networks and utilize their knowledge and passions to help promote the value of hiring inclusively.



Join our committee to help find employment, create meaning in people’s lives and educate and support employers.

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